About Our Next Generation Benefits Firm

Our team of highly skilled consultants are here to guide you toward making the best decisions for your business and your family. If you are tired of failed strategies such as changing carriers annually, rising deductibles and copays, and adding multiple plans, our system of health care supply chain management is the answer! Healthcare costs are a top spend for most companies and we help to manage them as such.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the needs of each client through a unique approach, careful planning, and management. To provide choices, costs, and services, that exceed expectations. To bring loyalty, commitment, and enthusiasm to the table, every day. We are dedicated to pooling our 35+ years of benefits consulting experience and resources to produce comprehensive and strategic plans, that we are proud to stand behind.


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PSG Washington began offering expert services to customers in 1981. Here’s a look at our seasoned executive team.


Expect Great Things

Our tight-knit team of smart, creative experts collaborate closely with each other and with clients. As a Next Generation Agency member, we partner with over 40 industry leaders across the nation, meeting quarterly to share "next best practices".

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We would enjoy meeting you and learning more about you and your business! From there we can determine a course of action that best suits your specific needs.